Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yes, the unhealthy obsession continues...

An article from The Daily Front Row let's us get inside Alexa Chung's head:

Name: Alexa Chung, "but people always get my name wrong so I do respond to 'Alex', 'Alexis' or 'Alexia'. Most people call me 'Chung'."
Age: 27 ("pukes into hands")
Birthplace: Winchester, Hampshire, England.
Favorite animal: "Dinosaurs."
Sleep schedule: "I love sleep, but I don't get hardly any because TV production loves for me to be awake by 6 a.m., regardless of the night before."
Street Of Choice: "Bedford Avenue."
Number: "100"
Word: "Volition."
Drink: "Maker's Mark and Coke."
Entree: "Anything with truffle oil."
Best recent magazine article: "The one I just wrote for British Vogue about Christopher Kane. He's perfect."
Body Part: "Legs, because I have no boobs."
Favorite Tweeter: Kanye.
Coffee order: "Frothy."
Day: Thursday
Greatest expenditure: "Clothes don't come cheap, girl."
Escape plan: "Head down, long strides."
Illicit crush: "All my crushes are legit."
What makes you jealous? "Cheating."
Typical dance: "Daggering. Look it up."
Mode of transportation: "The subway. I'm scared of cars."

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