Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo shoot: Fall 2010 Trends

My friend Emily and I have been toying with the idea for a while to style our own professional photo shoot, but neither of us had done that before. Though I style for a department store, photo shoots are completely different. Acting as creative director, Emily came up with the concept of showcasing the upcoming Fall 2010 trends. We shopped at vintage/thrift stores, antique stores, and malls and the results were more than we could expect. We found everything from Vintage Yves Saint Laurent and Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo to three dollar skirts and H&M accessories.

If you read any type of fashion magazine, you already know what some of the trends are but we chose to go with a Mad Men type 50's theme: Full skirts (Louis Vuitton), Animal Prints (Dolce and Gabanna), Camel Color (Chloe) and the pop color of the season...Red!

Special Thanks to my girls Leslie (Photographer), Kristina (Ignite Model), Kristi (Hair and Make-up) and my partner in crime Emily!!!


  1. yay they look so good! have you had a chance to see them all?

  2. Wait a minute, you guys did this? It is amazing! So beautiful and professional! I love it!

  3. Spot on! is all I'm gonna say...okay and maybe just one more thing...GORGEOUS.


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